Semester 1:

Rise into your Femininity. The Foundation. A Journey with Chava

Course opens 3 Tishrei, Sep 28
Sep - Dec

In the 9-part series you’ll delve into the story of Chava and creation, and discover a cosmic blueprint to understand yourself, your relationships and your deepest potential, so you can make practical steps towards healing and change.
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Semester 1:

"This series was like hearing my name when I had forgotten who I was”

Goldie, London

  • Uncover brand new paradigms and explore what is possible for you, as a woman in the 21st century

  • Unlock the secrets of “The Feminine Archetype” encoded into the story of creation

  • Discover how your personal challenges fit into the collective journey of all the women that have lived before us.

  • Embrace your gentle feminine power, sensitivity, intuition so you can navigate challenging relationships and conflicts.

  • Reconcile your struggles with the traditional Jewish feminine role, and understand the real depths of femininity according to Torah

  • Included: community forum, plus 2 live optional group-coaching sessions

Session 1: Meet your Feminine Archetype

What are your subconscious associations with your complete feminine potential?

BONUS: Receive the “Putting on your Crown: Mini-Course" when you sign up for the full Chava course

A practical guided mini-workshop to:

  • Create breakthroughs and shifts in areas of your life where you’re feeling stuck.

  • Explore feelings, thoughts and behaviours, and relationships that you want to shift

  • Understand “old stories” that are no longer serving you

  • Tap into your deeper truth so you can rise into your full potential

  • Access insights so you can take your next step towards growth and healing

Semester 2:

Rise into your Marriage: Modern Marriage, Ancient Truths. A journey with Sara.

Starts 27 Kislev - December 21st
Dec - Feb

Your (current or future) marriage has the potential to be a vessel of unlimited G-dliness. But the very nature of a Jewish woman has changed. And our definition of marriage needs to evolve, too.
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Semester 2:

As we trace Avram and Sarah’s relationship, you’ll be empowered to:

“I was so blown away after the Chava course, I didn’t think it could get deeper. Lo and behold, this is taking it to a new level” - Rivky

  • Take responsibility for your own self-love and healing so you can then receive the love your husband

  • Confront your unresolved issues with courage & compassion - and heal them within the context your marriage

  • Eliminate the second guessing, shame, and power struggles in your relationship

  • Move from passive “victim mode” to being a co-creator that draws out your husband's strength and masculinityExplore your current limited conceptions around marriage, and replace them with richer, relevant paradigms

  • Explore your current limited conceptions around marriage, and replace them with richer, relevant paradigms

  • Embrace your vulnerability, softness and desire to be loved - without being afraid of rejection, or disappointment

This series is perfect for:

Married, single or divorced women seeking a practical and profound roadmap to achieving the highest potential that marriage has to offer through the deepest of spiritual models

BONUS: Your choice of these masterclasses.

"Marital Intimacy in collaboration with Faige pollack" (Married women only) or "Intimacy of The Shema Masterclass."

Semester 3:

Has prayer become another task on your checklist? Do you mumble tehillim in times of need, but real spiritual connection…feels like a distant memory?

Starts Rosh chodesh Adar, Feb 22
Feb - Apr

Delve into the essence of tefilla, through a totally new paradigm. Understand what is feminine prayer, and how Rivka, a “seemingly broken being, trapped in an upbringing of evil, is the one who teaches us about prayer. In its essence.
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Semester 3:

In this journey through Rivka’s life you’ll:

  • Clarify why our Sages define prayer as a feminine act and how it is our active part in our relationship with Him.

  • Understand how Prayer is the master-key to our spiritual power – and is a new opportunity every single day, to connect.

  • Reveal how Rivka, despite her wicked upbringing, heard the stirrings of her soul and chooses to make her life with Yitzhchak, the paragon of perfection.

  • Develop a real connection to prayer - even in the midst of your mundane and hectic life

  • Discover how to change Hashem’s Will through prayer and why He wants us to do this!

  • Debunk the myth that Judaism is a patriarchal system when it comes to prayer

  • Shift out of a mindset of shame into one of unconditional love

In this program you’ll also get:

  • Meditations for dealing with extraneous thoughts that disrupt our prayers

  • Experiential exercises, “called vessel work” to bring the teachings home

This program’s for you even if…

  • You’ve listened to dozens of classes on prayer

  • You have very little time to daven formally

  • You feel disconnected from prayer, and have even given up

BONUS: “Rivka Pitchers”

Uncover the mystical meaning of Rivka's pitchers and discover how they symbolize the role of women in redemption.

Semester 4:

Rise into your Self. Finding internal harmony through the journeys of Rachel & Leah

Starts 19 Iyar, May 10th
Within every woman, there lives two women. Their names are “Rachel and Leah.” We feel them tugging in different directions, yet we come into a profound inner peace when we allow them to become friends. Resonate? Curious...Wondering what does this REALLY mean?
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Semester 4:

In this BRAND NEW SERIES we’ll:

In this unique course, which wraps up our series, learn how to take all the inspiration from rising -through all your relationships, Hashem, others and yourself and bring it down to earth – and live your life as a Jewish woman who is rising.

  • Explore the story of Rachel & Leah and discover two different parts of our feminine essential selves.

  • Learn the invaluable skill of holding paradox and come into your wholeness and truth.

  • Embrace ALL OF You – even your conflicting parts and seemingly contradictions

  • Understand what it means that a woman is “the Shechina” and how to bring yourself out of “exile” and bringing in more light to your life

  • Taste what it might feel like to live in peace with yourselves – and discover that your biggest challenges are your greatest gifts, waiting to be transformed

This course is for you if you wonder:

  • "How do I juggle the complexities of being a modern woman ?

  • Do you feel torn between your two loves – your home life and work and/or creative life?

  • Do you struggle to feel like you are giving your kids everything they need while also tending to your own self-care?

  • Are you a powerful CEO or brilliant teacher but still single and longing to meet someone who will take care of you?

  • Is there really such a thing as the elusive “balance” we all strive for?"

BONUS: Ohel Rachel -- first time translation.

Never been translated or published into English! Ohel Rachel was written by Rav Shlanger, student of R’ Moshe Shapiro zt”. It explores sources across the Torah spectrum, shedding light on woman’s life, psyche and her most intimate relationship. Dive into the first 19 chapters of Sefer Ohel Rachel's AND the addendum “Ohel Leah”.

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