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Ohel Rachel is a compendium of Torah sources on classic Torah femininity through the eyes of one of the deepest Torah thinkers of our times, Rabbi Moshe Shapiro זצ״ל, as collated by his student R’ Shlanger, שליטא.
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What Ohel Rachel will do for you

Ohel Rachel articulates the vivid, multi-hued portrait of the Jewish Woman in the light of the Torah and her three special mitzvos.
More than simply assigning you a role, it connects you with the essence of your spirit and the source of your power.

The Tale Of An Enchanting Painting

Picture a beautiful painting that is the centerpiece of a prestigious gallery. It dazzled all who saw it, and enchanted all who studied it. One day, someone drapes a sheet over it. Suddenly, people struggle to describe its beauty. As days pass, it becomes hard to distinguish between accurate reminiscence and fanciful memory. A wise man arrives. He studies the artist's sketches and produces a pamphlet describing the painting's beauty in clear, concise words. Now, other artists can replicate the beauty...

The Traditional Jewish Woman Articulated

Our holy mothers carried out their roles for centuries in quiet and purity. They were the backbone of their families, their communities and the Jewish people. Today's confusing world has draped an sheet over that model and we struggle to articulate the whys and the whats of our most satisfying calling. The author of Ohel Rachel, in his clear and articulate manner, succeeded in expressing the model we have been groping for, by looking into the blueprint that designed the Jewish woman - the Torah.
So we can replicate that alluring model within ourselves...

The gems you'll find inside...


    Chapter 1- Soft Speech A Different Torah for Women? / A Natural Fit / Vive la Difference / FOMO / A Unique Journey and the Power to Influence // Chapter 2 – Finding Serenity Within / Stop Beating Yourself Up / Channel Rather Than Clash / Male and Female – A Divine Star of David / Bringing It Down to Earth / Women Magically Reveal Hashem in This World / Due to Irreconcilable Differences — It Works! / Transforming a Nation // Chapter 3 – Carrier of Life / The Power to Unify / The Glue of Relationships / The Quintessential Relationship / Master Builder / The Power to Weave / The Perfection of Imperfection / The Beauty of Vulnerability / The Roots of Disconnection / How the Woman Elevates the Entire Jewish People // Chapter 4 - A Different Path to the Same Destination / Angelic Questions / “In the Tent" / The End Goal


    Chapter 5 – Emunah - Three Partners / Two Females / Spiritual Gravity / Top Down or Bottom Up / The Suction Effect / Emunah — the Catalyst // Menuchah is the Polar Opposite of Feminism // Chapter 6 - Man and Woman, Partners in Faith / The Weasel and the Well // Chapter 7 — Emunah — the Heart of the Jewish People / Spiritual Law / The Supremacy of the Heart / One Measure for Both / Chapter 8 – Bayis Ne’eman – Home Sweet Home / What’s a Home? / I’m a… Mom // Chapter 9 — When Faith is Tested / The Difference Between Friendship and Marriage / What Marriage is Made Of / The Power of Faithfulness in Shalom Bayis / Chen / Commitment // Chapter 10 — Emunah — Unconditional Love / Clarification from Shir Hashirim / The Couple From Tzidon


    Chapter 11 — The Three Mitzvos of Women / The Imahos / On the Negative Side / Beating Death / The Woman Can Bring Us Home Again


    Chapter 12 — Closeness and Distance / An Exquisite Analogy / Natural Longings / In Our Day and Age / A Counterforce / The Four Longings // Chapter 13 – Singing Songs on Top of Sorrow / An Inherent Contradiction / The Beautiful Woman of War / Only in Joy // Chapter 14 - When the Jewish Nation is in a State of Niddah / The Epitome of Humility / The Nine Moods / Finding our Inner Wholeness / I Can Go it Alone / The Land Itself // Chapter 15 – Eyes; Anticipating Connection and the Power in Receiving / Sifting Through the Messages of Culture - Rescripting the Feminine / Another Form of Giving / When the Woman is the Breadwinner / By the Look in Her Eyes / Chapter 16 – Your Beauty is Your Receiving // Chapter 17 - Counting Seven Days – Passage to Purity / Why Count? / Seeding Redemption / Chapter 18 - Products of Her Wanting / Chapter 19 – Her Husband’s Torah


A never-before-released addendum to Ohel Rachel!

The Mystical Meaning of Hair Covering

Summary of the 4-part shiur series by Rebbetzin Tamar Taback Based on shiurim from R’ Shimon Wolpe, student of R’ Moshe Shapira ztz”l
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The Mystical Meaning of Hair Covering
The Mystical Meaning of Hair Covering

She Unlocks Tremendous Power

The Mystical Meaning of Hair Covering

"The mitzvah of covering our hair, we see, is far from a simple matter. In fact, it holds the key to our essence..." "...When a woman covers her hair and aligns herself with this calling, she unlocks tremendous powers of blessing and light, for herself and all her surroundings."


  • How does this Sefer fit into the landscape of the Nexus School?

    The passuk in Shir HaShirim (6:10) says: "יפה כלבנה ברה כחמה" "Beautiful like the moon, brilliant like the sun" We FIRST seek to find our beauty, through embodying the timeless values of the traditional and beautiful Jewish woman, the epicenter of the Jewish home the unquestionable essence of Jewish continuity... by embodying the principles in Rachel's Tent. Only THEN do we go on to strive to incorporate the brilliance of the woman who lives in the times before Mashiach the one who refines and nourishes herself through Torah, whose roots are in Heaven as much as they are in the earth. who knows how to allow her spirituality to shape her perceptions, choices aspirations, and to not be ashamed of her great light. That is the Rise! Series... Rachel's Tent is our heritage. The Rise! Series is our future.

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