Semester 4:

Rise into your Self. Finding internal harmony through the journeys of Rachel & Leah


Within every woman, there lives two women.  Their names are “Rachel and Leah.” We feel them tugging in different directions, yet we come into a profound inner peace when we allow them to become friends.

Resonate? Curious...Wondering what does this REALLY mean? 

In this BRAND NEW SERIES we’ll:

In this unique course, which wraps up our series, learn how to take all the inspiration from rising -through all your relationships, Hashem, others and yourself and bring it down to earth – and live your life as a Jewish woman who is rising.

  • Explore the story of Rachel & Leah and discover two different parts of our feminine essential selves.

  • Learn the invaluable skill of holding paradox and come into your wholeness and truth.

  • Embrace ALL OF You – even your conflicting parts and seemingly contradictions

  • Understand what it means that a woman is “the Shechina” and how to bring yourself out of “exile” and bringing in more light to your life

  • Taste what it might feel like to live in peace with yourselves – and discover that your biggest challenges are your greatest gifts, waiting to be transformed

This course is for you if you wonder:

  • "How do I juggle the complexities of being a modern woman ?

  • Do you feel torn between your two loves – your home life and work and/or creative life?

  • Do you struggle to feel like you are giving your kids everything they need while also tending to your own self-care?

  • Are you a powerful CEO or brilliant teacher but still single and longing to meet someone who will take care of you?

  • Is there really such a thing as the elusive “balance” we all strive for?"

BONUS: Ohel Rachel -- first time translation.

Never been translated or published into English! Ohel Rachel was written by Rav Shlanger, student of R’ Moshe Shapiro zt”. It explores sources across the Torah spectrum, shedding light on woman’s life, psyche and her most intimate relationship. Dive into the first 19 chapters of Sefer Ohel Rachel's AND the addendum “Ohel Leah”.